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In Memory of Rupert Cloud

by My Enhanced Little Rhubarb

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First Kiss 03:19
Springfeel 04:25


Rhubarbland is a place far away, little known to most of us. There live a group of friends with widely differing physical characteristics:

Rupert Cloud (deceased)
Rupert was not a native of Rhubarbland. He was born in England, where he grew up in a working class neighbourhood in the greater London area. Being a cloud, and thus quite naturally susceptible to the whims of mother nature, as an adult a strong wind brought him all the way to the land of the 'barbs. There, he was quickly accepted as one of the most beloved members of the populace, settling down in a lovely house up in the air. The house had a wonderful garden where he grew all sorts of plants, one of which sadly killed him in an accident described in the song "My Enhanced Little Rhubarb". He was greatly mourned by everyone.

Selma Tree
Unlike Rupert, Selma was born and raised in Rhubarbland. Being only four years old, she can be a bit childish at times. She is loved by everyone, and herself, she is very fond of one of her apples, John. Rupert and Selma had a very close relationship, a fact which coupled with her age made his sudden disappearance even harder for her to deal with.

John Apple
When John first showed up among Selma's fruit, they both knew from the start that they would enjoy each other's company a great lot. Having no mouth, and therefore unable to speak, he is quite an anonymous character to everyone but the tree he grows on.

Anh Sun
On his arrival in Rhubarbland, Rupert quickly found the love of his life. Although this love was reciprocated, their physical differences would prove too great a hurdle for it to result in a proper relationship.

Bird is along with the late Rupert Cloud one of the immigrants inhabiting Rhubarbland. He grew up in Austria, before flying the long way to his new homeland.

Mr. Squirrel
Mr. Squirrel spent the younger years of his life on circuses around Europe, showing off his flying skills to amazed audiences. However, as time passed, he grew tired of this way of living, and started dreaming of a new life, which he would find among his new found friends in Rhubarbland.

On this album, the inhabitants of Rhubarbland tell a collection of stories from some key events in their lives. Naturally, several of these deal with the death of Rupert Cloud, a most unexpected occurrence that startled them all.


released May 27, 2011

All songs written by Agnes Lindström, Edvin Lindström and Hugo Millwood.




My Enhanced Little Rhubarb Sweden

the birds and trees they talk to me

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